What: RadicalX Internship
My Role: Product Manager Intern
Duration: 4 months
Miro, Figma, Slack, ClickUp

Admin Page

Candidate Page

Radikon is a platform for recruiters and candidates to record videos for screening interviews. It helps companies to cut the costs and time needed for hiring by saving time spent on recruiters’ work, with no need for traveling. With Radikon, candidates can show themselves and their abilities to hiring managers in a natural way through video.
In this role, I was one of two product managers. My responsibilities included managing the deliverables and timelines for product development, editing introductory videos, contributing to articles, as well as road-mapping deliverables on a weekly basis.
I worked with the Primary Research Group on this project and conducted interviews for the Admin/hiring manager. From there I synthesized the data and the other Product Manager put it into a presentation with the rest of the research data which included Candidate Interviews, Competitive Audit, UI/Visual Research, Secondary Research, and Market Research.
As a product manager, I worked collaboratively with the team to define and prioritize our product roadmaps and manage feature development. Drawing on user feedback and market trends to help inform the vision for our features, I provided product direction for the development of our products and services. My team was tasked to create two platforms for the Admin and Candidate to upload videos to set up interviews, have recorded intros, and apply to jobs through Radikon's platform. 
By synthesizing research we created User Journies, User Stories, and Flows we were able to build a set of wireframes and prototypes to show how an admin/candidate would navigate through the new features. In addition, I helped facilitate collaborative sessions each week where I guided conversations between product managers and designers as they worked through prioritization decisions.
As a Product Manager, I found this to be a great experience. I'm recent to agile scrum training but was able to apply that knowledge in planning sprints and scheduling meetings. A major issue we had was finding times when the team could meet up; members were spread out across multiple countries and time zones. There were also some issues in regard to final decision-making as for the most part it was the group consensus and we held group discussions or surveys to decide.

Some key takeaways from this project are I'd have more working sessions where we could talk and work through the items together and then have an information meeting to let everyone know what was decided and discussed. It became apparent that working through deliverables in a working session was an easier way to communicate than messaging and annotating for directions and expectations.

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