In June 2022 due to supply chains and a War, American citizens started to see inflation and one of the first industries was Gas. With Gas prices soaring to $5 or all the way up to $15 in places like California there was an inherent need for people to be able to find affordable gas and save money. 
My Role: UX Designer
Duration: 2 weeks
Tools: AdobeXD
I went about solving this Weekly Challenge by doing research into gas station applications and their location services. Once a User Flow of searching and selecting a Gas station was mapped out I started to add other features that could save Users money such as adding Gas savings cards or memberships. 
Fuelet, Fuel-Outlet, resulted as the solution as it would allow Users to use their location and find nearby gas stations to compare prices and select the most affordable option.
As my first submission, I received a couple of upvotes and got great feedback in regard to the UI and Developer expectations. 
I took that feedback and enhanced the UI as well as the solution.
This was a great project that had a quick solution to a relevant recent problem. I learned a lot about doing a quick project, while not the most researched or data-driven process, it could be implemented or started to solve an immediate User need. It also brought my attention to UI design and how developers’ expectations co-inside and what type of handoff that should be.

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