What: Th.o Hackathon Agritech
Role: UX/UI Designer
Duration: 48hrs
The Scenario
I competed in a multi-disciplinary team to complete the Community #FoodSecurity for the Th.o weekend Agritech Hackathon. Food security is a worldwide problem as disruptions in supply chains, loss of imports, and population increase has put 800 million at a disadvantage to food security. 
After a few hours of ideation, we agreed to create FreshConsume a local service to provide locally farmed food to communities and low-cost options to those in need!
Discovery & Application
I was one of two UX/UI Designers who worked to conceptualize and then develop our product. Once we decided on a service we Affinity mapped and collaborated our ideas of features into Figjam. 
After deciding on a site map the other designer designed the website and I adapted the design and wireframed the mobile application. I also helped with some of the website design pages. While this was going on our programmers were working on the backend code.
A pitch deck was created detailing our plans and asking for the product and how we would grow the application and service. A short business plan was created detailing this information from our sales and marketing teammate. Once submitted and complete we won First place in the hackathon! 
This was a great experience rapidly working to solve a global problem and while only focusing on a portion of the solution we came up with a great product and plan to help local communities in the next several years.

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